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Screening and selection of business plan submissions for a largest national bank

Situation: Top 5 European bank nurtures the creation of local innovative companies through a variety of events including Business Plan competitions and Investor Arena pitches.  The Innovation Fostering Department has no internal expertise in assessing high tech business opportunities within the life science field.

Solution: Zebra’s team is involved in the various stages of the selection process including review of submitted proposals and discussions with the entrepreneurs.  Our technical and scientific backgrounds allows us to engage in detailed discussions on the feasibility of the proposed budget and timeline for product development as well as other topics such as market access approach, pricing, reimbursement and partnering strategy.


Value:  Our team brings a unique perspective to the selection panel typically represented by finance experts operating mostly on the national market.  We are also able to provide the entrepreneurs will suggestions on how to best position the product and the overall business strategy in order to devise a growth plan that will take into account the complexity of the global life science market.

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