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Acting Head of IP, US biotech with strong, innovative R&D in protein engineering

Situation: A US Biotech spun out of a prestigious University has a mandate for finding innovative use of its originating technology, in terms of engineering novel and innovative molecular entities as well as taking the technology to the next level, bringing new value while evolving and rejuvenating the core processes.
A strong and enthusiastic R&D team, moving fast and coming up with novel strategies and technologies needs close assistance in addressing the IP space for novel targets, technologies, reagents, in a very competitive and full patent landscape.


Solutions: Zebra acts as Head of IP, working closely with the scientists addressing the needs for background information on freedom to operate and patent landscape for every internal project and results and directing the research towards truly innovative paths.

Once targets and technologies take shape, Zebra performs initial freedom to operate assessments, leaving the costly formal legal opinions for selected projects undergoing diligence from potential partners.

Zebra as head of IP manages the company’s patent portfolio, both inlicensed and originating from internal R&D efforts: guides the patent attorney worldwide and aligns prosecution strategy in multiple countries to reflect the company’s strategic interests.

Zebra also coordinates the drafting of patent applications with the scientists, bringing the finished product to the patent firm for review and filing with the advantage of obtaining a product that captures the true nature of the invention and its possible future development.

Zebra is the point of reference for IP due diligence, for both inlicensing and outlicenisng efforts.


Value: Streamlined IP activities and processes thereby reducing costs by interfacing with biotech and law firm. This allowed both parties to remain aligned on overall IP strategy and seamlessly toggle among tactical prosecution matters on a regular basis.

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