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Not for Profit organization bridging drug developmeng gaps through industrial relationships

Situation: A charity organization raises funds to finance research activities for a genetic disorder with a mission to facilitate creation of new therapeutic options for patients.  However, much of the output of the research does not lead to clinical development of new drugs and few funded groups approach commercial companies for partnerships.

Solution: Zebra reviewed the output of funded research activities and selected project with the highest probability of eliciting partnering interest from pharma and biotech companies.

• Development of prioritization matrix for the identification of Top 20 data packages with highest commercial interested
• Preparation of brochures to disseminate data and engage in business discussions
• Search and contact of target companies according the therapeutic area or technological focus.

Value: The charity was able to implement additional strategies aligned with its mission for bringing new treatments from bench to bedside. The process has generated empirical evidence on the commercial value that

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