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License negotiations outside the core business area​

Situation:  European company with established product portfolio of nutraceutical and medicinal plant products had engaged with potential pharma partners with the aim of exploiting existing know how and technology in the field of traditional medicine.  The company lacked internal expertise in the valuation and negotiation of therapeutic product candidates in order to negotiate a term sheet and binding contract.

Solution:  Zebra team has assessed Client’s technology and provided them with the report that contained following deliverables:

  • Risk adjusted Net Present Value of Client's product candidate in preclinical development

• Outline of the partnering strategy and preferred agreement options

• Draft term sheet agreement for negotiations with prospective pharma partner

Value:  Zebra enabled the Client to enter negotiations in an area typically outside of its core business area fully prepared.  Furthermore, Zebra provided a set of tools, including interactive financial models that can be used in multiple rounds of negotiations to prepare or compare term sheets in the future.

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