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We work with our clients to build lasting relationships as reliable, honest, and versatile advisors who are driven by transparency, urgency and focus.

Short-term and on demand expertise

When opportunities present themselves, whether it is unsolicited interest by potential commercial partners or unexpected new experimental evidence with multiple implications, the ability to react fast is critical in on order to transform such opportunity into a tangible return. 

Zebra quickly assembles a team with specific skills in order to assist the client in a fast and precise execution of the imminent tasks. (link to case studies)

Long term engagement

The complexity of challenges that life sciences companies must overcome require constant ability to tackle a variety of issues in areas such as administration, accounting, business development, intellectual property management, pre-clinical and clinical product development, or fundraising. 

Whether on-site or remotely, our team embeds within client’s organization to provide continuous support by acting a part of the client’s staff. (link to case studies)

Project  management

A client often times decides to support next stages of product or corporate development by relying on external resources rather than by building additional internal capacities.  We assist our clients in fulfilling short-term objectives by integrating the existing team with additional external resources in order to manage key projects.  

We understand that as  client’s organization grows, it becomes necessary to train new team members. Whenever required, we assist the transition of ongoing activities from our consultants onto new internal resources.  (link to case studies)

Board participation

Zebra’s team often takes part of technical or strategic review boards were we provide on a case by case basis input regarding a variety of projects (link to case studies)

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